Born in the South and raised in the Atlanta area, Jessie is a Southern girl at heart. After living in Los Angeles for over three years, Jessie made the decision to move back to Atlanta in 2014 in order to not only not drive herself crazy financially but to connect with her roots, artistically and professionally.

However, she certainly is not restricted creatively as she loves to travel from California to Europe. Therefore, Jessie constantly strives to utilize her global awareness in order to create work that reaches all of humanity. The best stories and artworks are derived from genuine emotion and are utilized to not only connect with others but to allow others to discover more about themselves. In the professional world beyond art and storytelling, connecting with people is also first and foremost.

As someone who has recently received a Master of Arts from Savannah and College of Art and Design in Film and Television in May 2018 while serving as a Shift Supervisor with Starbucks Corporation for almost three years, Jessie is no stranger to hard work and desires to work hard for a good product that goes beyond what is required or expected.

That said, Jessie is ready to move on from Starbucks, a company that she loves dearly, and she is open to collaboration in terms of writing, visual storytelling, acting, and other artistic pursuits.